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Hand Sanitizer

Brand Name: Senitizer

Composition : Hand Sanitizer

Packing : 100 ml

Price : Rs. 50

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Product Description

The alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer is beneficial in killing germs and bacteria by offering 99.9% of protection to the person. The use of sanitizer offers a clear aid and protection to the consumer as it is a substitute for soap when at a certain point one cannot wash the hands. This disinfectant is made with a composition of alcohol and is a water-based solution, One can use it with the appropriate guidance from clinicians as it may affect the skin. 

As there is the content of alcohol in this Hand Sanitizer, it is necessary that the person must follow some precautions with the use of the products. This a beneficial product but only offer the results if uses in a precautionary manner. Avoid using the sanitizer on the face as this is not beneficial when applied to open wounds.

There are some side effects of Hand Sanitizer that can cause the effects to the person in frequent use such as, it can cause burning sensations, only can feel roughness in the skin, as it can cause peeling of the skin too. Try to avoid it if you feel allergic to the use. This is only for external use and keep it in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Uses of Hand Sanitizer

The use of this hand sanitizer occurs when one is required to wash the hands but is unable to find the solution. This disinfectant has plenty of uses but will only offer benefits if used in a limited quantity.

  • It offers the deep cleaning of bacteria and germs.
  • It kills 99.9 % of alcohol.
  • It is made with skin-friendly alcohol and hence is safe for use.
  • Benefist the form by offering protection against the increase of infectious bacteria.
  • It can promote safety from external microorganisms that offer digestive issues.

Directional Use of Hand Sanitizer 

Pour some disinfectant liquid into your hand and rub it thoroughly. Let the sanitizer absorb and do not wipe it else it may not kill the germs properly. The liquid must not be applied on the open wounds and it may cause extreme burning sensations.

Precautions with Hand Sanitizer

There are some important precautions that must be followed by the person while using the disinfectant. Ignorance may cause health issues.

  • Use only a limited amount of sanitizer.
  • Let the sanitizer absorb completely.
  • Don't drink it, and keep it away from the mouth.
  • This may cause allergies in the children.
  • It is only for use under external circumstances.
  • This is a substitute for soap, it may not provide the cleanliness of the hand wash.

Side Effects of  Hand Sanitizer

There are some side effects of this hand sanitizer that may cause an effect on the skin or on the area of application.

  • It can cause burning sensations.
  • It can cause inflammation of the skin.
  • This will make the skin rough.
  • One can notice the skin peel.

Disclaimer- Hand Sanitizer is just a substitute for soap, it may not provide the cleanliness of the handwash, try to avoid it when you can wash your hands.

Note- Hand Sanitizer is only for external use.

Storage- Keep the Hand Sanitizer stored in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

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