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Glutathione 4% + Glycolic Acid 6% w/v Lotion Manufacturer & Supplier

Brand Name: UtterWhite

Composition : Glutathione 4% + Glycolic Acid 6% w/v Lotion Manufacturer & Supplier

Packing : 30 ml

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Product Description

Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion is related to that class of drugs that are known as alpha hydroxyl acids and antioxidants. This drug is available in the market in the form of lotion, and this medication is used to treat various skin infections like pimples, acne scars, melisma, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and photoaging. The symptoms of these infections include redness, swelling, irritation, pain, inflammation, and rashes. And this combination of medical lotion helps the patient to overcome these symptoms.

Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion is a mixture of two different drugs which are known as Glutathione, and Glycolic Acid. Glutathione is a drug that works with its antioxidant healing properties. And it is beneficial in many ways like reducing inflammation, oxidative stress, reduction in hyperpigmentation, and working positively on the overall skin of the patient. On the other hand, Glycolic acid has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it works by enhancing the growth of cells that line the surface of the skin. This drug kills all the bacteria and decomposes it to release oxygen when applied to the surface of the skin.  Overall, both medicines work together for treating patients to provide relaxation from the harmful symptoms of the medication.

This lotion-based medicine is only for external use of patients so it is mandatory for patients to be careful while applying this medication. Sometimes many patients or users never wash their hands after applying the medication and by mistake, they get into contact with eyes with uncleaned hands in that situation they should clean their eyes with clean water and if the situation got worst then contact your professional healthcare.  It is mandatory to use sunscreen lotion if the patient or user steps outdoors.  Never use those products which contain huge amounts of alcohol. Some patients may feel some common side effects with the use of Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion, and these side effects include dry skin, skin redness., stinging sensation, and skin rashes.

Directions For Use Of Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion

 It is mandatory for patients to ask for directions from pharmacists and follow them.  For application, the medication patients should clean their hands with sanitizer r soap, and it is necessary to clean their face. Take a small prescribed amount of lotion on the fingertips and spread the medication on the affected area. Only use his medication before bedtime. Apply the dose of medication after two days and continue to use it for two weeks with the recommendation of a doctor. Wash your hands after applying every one of the Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion. The patient should repeat the same process or indications for the use of medication and for the next dose.

Storage Indication

 It is mandatory to read the label information for storing Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion and keep the medication in A cool and dry place away from humidity, and sunlight. Additionally, keep the drug away from pets and children.

Common Side Effects With The Use Of Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion

Usually, this medication is safe to use for patients only with the recommendations of professional dermatologists. But some patients due to hypersensitivity feel some common side effects with the use of medications. Following are some adverse effects of the use of lotion.

  • Skin rashes
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Burning sensation
  • Skin irritation
  • Stinging sensation

Safety Precaution

  • It is mandatory to use mild soap with the use of this medication
  • Always prefer a warm bath while using this medical lotion.
  • Try to avoid the use of alcohol and caffeine.
  • Never use harsh treatment n the skin by using Glutathione+ Glycolic Acid Lotion.
  • To avoid infection in the affected area it is mandatory to not scratch the skin.
  • Drink eight glasses of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • This medication is not habit forming drug.
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