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Vitamin C Serum 20% 25ml (Inclusive Packing) - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise

Welwhite C

Vitamin C Serum 20% 25ml (Inclusive Packing)

Brand Name: Welwhite C

Composition : Vitamin C Serum 20% 25ml (Inclusive Packing)

Packing : 20 ml

Price : Rs. 1200

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Product Description

Enriched with Vitamin C, WEHWHITE C is an effective face serum for pollution control and dark spot reduction. When applied directly to the skin, it acts on dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and oxidative damage like wrinkles, and boosts the natural glow of the skin. This Vitamin C Face Serum with efficacy, safety, and all-around results in mind.

In addition, it is 100% vegan which is good for you as well as the planet. WEHWHITE C is manufactured by one of the leading brands QndQ Derma under certified pharma manufacturing units. Moreover, this serum bears certification of authenticity from healthcare agencies.

Advantages of Vitamin C Face Serum

There is a pretty long list of the benefits of using a face serum with vitamin C. You can get all the best benefits of a serum enriched with vitamin C by purchasing and using WEHWHITE C. However, if you are not familiar with the advantages this serum offers, then go through the below-listed points.

  • Reduces Dark Spots
  • Fights signs of aging
  • Prevents hyperpigmentation
  • Causes zero adverse reactions
  • Offers Protection from pollution

Apart from these, the benefits of using a Vitamin C Face Serum are numerous, buy this product now to feel the benefits. It is available QndQ Derma at an affordable price with attractive product packaging.

Directions for Use

To get the maximum benefits, you can use this serum in the following steps:-

  • Firstly,  you have to wash your face.
  • Then, take 4-5 drops on your palm.
  • Massage gently until absorbed.

Note: Never forget to apply SPF when using a serum during the daytime.


Maximum benefits from this Vitamin C Face Serum can be attained by using it as mentioned on the label. Read the label carefully and follow the official guidelines to ensure the best use of this serum. Moreover, one should take the below-listed points in mind to get the best possible effects.

  • Do not use this Vitamin C face serum if allergic to it or any of its ingredients.
  • Patients with any skin disorder or ailment should not use it unless prescribed by the doctor.
  • Individuals with extremely sensitive skin should consult with a doctor before using any product on the skin.
  • If you have undergone any skin treatment recently, discuss it with the doctor before using this Vitamin C Face Serum.
  • Though this vitamin C serum doesn't cause any adverse reaction, if your body develops any, kindly consult your doctor and explain the symptoms.

Use this Vitamin C face serum while taking the above-listed points into account to get the best possible results. Also, keep the official guidelines and doctors' instructions (if any) in mind while using this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the age limit to use this serum?

A. Though this product is suitable for everyone, however, it should be used after consulting your doctor.

Q. Does Vitamin C Face Serum reduce dark spots?

A. Yes, this product is effective in reducing dark spots and providing protection from pollution.

Q. Which skin types this serum is suitable for?

A. This serum is suitable for everyone, however, people with sensitive skin should discuss the risk with the doctor before they start using it.

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