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Playrol Soap

Permethrin 1% w/w Soap

Brand Name: Playrol Soap

Composition : Permethrin 1% w/w Soap

Packing : 75 gm

Price : Rs. 85

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Product Description

Permethrin 1% w/w Soap - The soap belongs to the class of pyrethroids and is known as an antiparasitic drug, primarily used to treat scabies. Scabies is a skin condition in which tiny insects infest and irritates your skin. Permethrin 1% w/w Soap is also used to treat Pediculosis and other infections caused by lice and eggs. The infestation of lice, particularly on the scalp, can cause pediculosis. It usually affects children above the age of five, and it spreads from head to contact. Patients with pediculosis and scabies feel itching that intensifies at night, along with rashes in the infected area. Permethrin Soap works by killing the insects and their eggs. 

How much Permethrin 1% w/w Soap you require and how to use it will be explained by your doctor. To ensure proper usage, read the soap medication's accompanying instructions. Before applying the soap, your skin needs to be clean, dry, and cool. Eight to fourteen hours after using this soap medication, you should give your entire body a thorough wash. Most patients only need to use it once to resolve their issue; however, if more therapy is necessary, wait at least seven days before beginning it. After treating scabies, itching might occasionally persist for a few weeks. This is not a sign that the therapy is ineffective; it is most likely an allergic reaction to dead mites. 

Inform your doctor if you have asthma, any skin diseases, allergies to foods, drugs, other substances, or any of these conditions before using this soap medication. Despite the fact that Permethrin medication is generally regarded as safe, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your doctor. The best Permethrin 1% w/w Soap is available with the brand name Playrol Soap by QndQ Derma in top-notch quality. QndQ Derma is the leading Derma PCD Franchise Company in India and is also known as the top manufacturer and supplier of Permethrin Soap PAN India. 

Permethrin 1% w/w Soap Uses

  1. Treatment of Scabies 
  2. Treatment of Pediculosis

Medical Benefits of Permethrin Soap 

This anti-parasite medication called Permethrin 1% w/w Soap kills and paralyzes the mites and their eggs in order to do its job. Generally speaking, the cream should be applied to the entire body, excluding the face and head, but always listen to your doctor. After 8 to 12 hours, it needs to be properly washed off. Usually, one application is sufficient to totally cure the disease, but occasionally, a second application a week later may be necessary. This will eliminate the redness, swelling, and itching brought on by mites. But even when they are dead, mites may continue to scratch you.

Possible Side Effects of Permethrin 

Permethrin soap medication is proven highly effective in treating scabies and pediculosis. Although the usage of this soap is generally considered safe, it sometimes can cause some unfavorable after-effects. The side effects of this soap medication are very rare to appear and usually tend to resolve on their own, once, your body gets used to the given treatment. However, do consider talking to a healthcare professional, if you feel that the side effects of this soap medication are growing resistant and you are worried about them. 
Some of the common side effects of Permethrin 1% w/w Soap may include: 

  1. Stinging sensation
  2. Erythema
  3. Rash
  4. Tingling
  5. Itchiness 
  6. Burning sensation
  7. Numbness  


Let your doctor know prior if you have any allergies to chrysanthemums, permethrin, or other medications. Please inform your doctor if you suffer from any other chronic illnesses or skin conditions. Children under the age of six, the elderly, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers should only use Permethrin 1% w/w Soap under a doctor's prescription. Take the soap medication as directed by your doctor. Tell your doctor about any medication you use, including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements before using Permethrin soap. If you experience any unusual symptoms or indications while using permethrin, speak with your doctor right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to use Permethrin 1% w/w Soap?
Use Permethrin soap as instructed by your healthcare provider or check the label of the soap for directions. 
Q. How does Permethrin 1% w/w Soap work? 
The antiparasitic drug called Permethrin soap cures scabies by eliminating the microscopic insects (called mites) and their eggs. Additionally, the soap also eliminates head lice that itch your scalp and attach there.

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