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Best Ketoconazole Cream in India

Best Ketoconazole Cream in India

Best Ketoconazole Creams in India- The infection in India is spreading with ease. Due to poor hygiene levels and the pollutants the rise of fungal infection in the country is high. Research shows that cases of fungal infection in India have affected nearly 50 million people out of which over 10% of patients suffer from a serious fungal infection. The spread of fungus in the bodies of diabetes patients is extremely dangerous and the common infection suffered by the patients is Candida fungal infection. 

Blocking the growth of fungal infection cells in the body is extremely important. The use of the Best Ketoconazole cream in India can help in the prevalence of fungal infection. An anti-fungal ointment can reduce the release of fungal cells and inhibit their production all over the body. 

Fungal infection can occur at any place in the body, vaginal fungal infection is common in women. Apart from this, hair fungal infection, ringworm, tinea pedis, jock itch, and athlete’s foot are also common. The use of topical anti-fungal cream can prevent the growth. The salt Ketoconazole is best described as the salt to treat fungal infections. Let us acknowledge you with the Best Ketoconazole Creams in India. These creams offer noticeable results when one uses them appropriately as described by a dermatologist. 

List of the Best Ketoconazole Creams in India

QndQ Dermacare is a leading dermatology company that offers a tremendous range of skincare products. We deal in a variety of creams, shampoos, and tablets to treat fungal infections. Our range is certified with ISO, GMP, and WHO. Today, we are helping you with a range of the Best Ketoconazole Creams available in India. You may use it directly on the infected areas with some precaution such as the skin needs to be cleaned thoroughly with water and soap. Make sure you are not applying the creams with dirty hands and some other common precautions. A list of the premium class Ketoconazole is mentioned below. 

Ketoconazole Cream 2% w/w

Brand Name: Zilzip

Composition : Ketoconazole Cream 2% w/w

Ketoconazole Cream is offred by QndQ Dermacare with a brand name of Zilzip. People are getting lazy about their health and more and more people are getting infected with the attack of microorganisms. 

Ketoconazole is a topical anti-fungal cream that reduces the presence of fungal cells in the body. The cream falls under the category of Best Ketoconazole Creams in India because it helps in the treatment of flaky skin, itching due to fungus, and patch formation. This treats dermatitis, athlete’s foot, jockey itch, and pityriasis versicolor. 

The application of the cream shows results in nearly 2-3 weeks of application. You can apply the cream for a maximum of 3 times a day. 

Ketoconazole 2%,Clobetasole .05%,Neomycin .1% & Iodochloroquinoline 1 % & Tolnaftate 1% Cream

Brand Name: Comply 5

Composition : Ketoconazole 2%,Clobetasole .05%,Neomycin .1% & Iodochloroquinoline 1 % & Tolnaftate 1%

The Comply 5 is an antifungal ointment by QndQ Dermacare. The ointment is one of the Best Ketoconazole creams in India because of its multiple-serving benefits.

In the ointment, Ketoconazole 2% is used within the combination of Clobetasol, Neomycin, Lodochloroquinoline, and Tolnaftate.  The cream serves the benefits of reducing fungal infection cells, the redness, and swelling caused due to fungus. It cuts the presence of bacteria in the cells and helps in the protection of skin from the fungal cells. 

Ketoconazole 2% + Beclamithasone Dipropionate 0.025% Cream

Brand Name: Zilzip B

Composition : Ketoconazole 2% + Beclamithasone Dipropionate 0.025% Cream

Zilzip B is a skin ointment that protects the skin from the spread of the fungus. The cres have to be appliance on the skin directly. It shows the action by inhibiting the production of ergosterol which is extremely important for the fungus cells to appear. This composition used in the cream is also suitable for the treatment of dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis. 

Side Effect- It can cause itching, redness, rash, irritation, and allergies on the skin if over-applied. 

Ketoraz S

Composition- Ketoconazole 2%, Salicylic Acid 2% Lotion

Ketoraz S is an anti-fungal cream consisting of Ketoconazole 2% and Salicylic Acid 2%. This prevents the hair from getting damaged due to fungus that causes dandruff. Further, it protects the scalp from the formation of skin clumps which are associated with itching, irritation, and dryness on the scalp. You may use it after the suggestion of the doctor. Do not use the lotion without the appearance of fungal infection on the skin else it may respond negatively causing rashes and irritations, sometimes some peeling of the skin.

Note- Every product mentioned in the list of Best Ketoconazole creams in India needs the approval of a doctor before use. 


The above list of  Best Ketoconazole creams in India is beneficial in the treatment of fungal infections. It is important to use the ointment as per the instruction of the doctor. Do not use the creams without any purpose. The anti-fungal range by QndQ Dermacare is affordable and is a treatment if fungus in the skin cells positively. These are the best creams you may find in the market for the treatment of fungal infections. 

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