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Derma Products Manufacturer in India

Derma Products Manufacturer in India

Derma Products Manufacturer in India - QndQ Derma is advancing dermatology over many years through its cutting-edge dermatology medicine range. The company manufactures its products in a state-of-art manufacturing facility which is regularly monitored by health authorities. In-house research and development of dermatology medicine allow us to maintain the highest standards of manufacturing. Today, the top Derma Products Manufacturer in India, QndQ Derma outsources a large number of derma products to other companies in the country through its third-party Derma Manufacturing services. The company is capable of carrying out bulk manufacturing of wide dermatology medicine like Tablets, Soft Gelatin, Lotion, Capsules, Soap, Cream, Hair Care, etc.

Adherence to all the internal quality standards enables us to bring quality formulations. Through our powerful logistics channel partners, we deliver the finest quality dermatology solutions in a stipulated time period across all the locations. We hold ISO certification along with all other permission which proves the authenticity and credibility of the leading Third-Party Derma Products Manufacturer in India. In addition to this, the company keeps itself updated with the changing trends in the dermatology industry and thus we have become a profound brand in this business industry. Several renowned pharma firms have associated with us due to our quality assurance, prompt delivery, and safer medications. The company is offering 3rd party manufacturing for derma products at genuine prices. So join hands with us to avail mesmerizing and genuine deals for manufacturing. 

Get more information and details by calling our experts at +91 9501817757 or write to us at query@drkumarspharma.com.

Derma Product Range Available for Third-Party Manufacturing

QndQ Derma, the best Derma Products Manufacturer in India brings to you the finest quality dermatology solutions that help users to cure several skin and hair issues. Noticing the growing demand for skincare and derma products in the market, the best Third Party Derma Manufacturing in India started delivering a quality derma product range. The company maintains its reputation by delivering a wide derma range that is safe, effective, reliable, and offers no side effects.

Quality packaging, better shelf-life, accurate composition, and quick releasing formula are the traits that make our product range the best in the business. The company has considered the skin types and tones of people in India and comes with derma solutions that are DCGI certified and manufactured under GMP-WHO certified units. The following is the derma product line offered for third party manufacturing:

Find Our Complete Derma Product List

Tablet Section

Name Packing Composition
Azvrin 250 Blister 10X6 Azithromycin 250mg (DPCO)
Azvrin 500 Blister 10X3 Azithromycin 500mg (DPCO)
Bitotin Plus 10X10 Biotin 10 mg. + Amino acids + Vitamins + Minerals + Natural Extracts
DRESTER-250 Blister 10X7 Terbinafine HCL 250mg Tablet
Drester-500 75 gm Terbinafine HCL 500mg Tablet
Fexgear 120 Alu Alu 10X10 Fexofenadine 120mg Tablets
Fexgear 180 Alu Alu 10X10 Fexofenadine 180mg Tablets
Fexgear M Alu Alu 10X10 Montelukast 10 mg + Fexofenadine 120 mg
Friasis 150 Blister 30X1 Fluconazole 150 mg. Tablets (DPCO)
Friasis 200 Blister 30X1 Fluconazole 200 mg. Tablets (DPCO)
Hybelzin 10 Blister 10X10 Hydroxyzine 10mg Tablets
Hybelzin 25 Blister 10X10 Hydroxyzine 25mg Tablets
Levgear 5 Alu Alu 10X10 Levocetirizine 5 mg
Levgear M Alu Alu 10X10 Levocetirizine 5 mg + Montelukast 10 mg
Uzicort 12 Alu Alu 10X10 Deflazacort 12 mg Tablets

Capsule Range

Name Packing Composition
Iptozol 100 Strip 10X10 Itraconazole 100 mg
Iptozol 200 Alu Alu 10X10 Itraconazole 200 mg
QnClin 300 Alu Alu 10X10 Clindamycin 300mg Capsules

Cream Section

Name Packing Composition
Azbetic 15 Gm Amorolfine Cream 0.25% w/w
Comply 30 Gm Clobetasole Propionate 0.05% w/w Cream
Comply 5 15 ml Ketoconazole 2%,Clobetasole .05%,Neomycin .1% & Iodochloroquinoline 1 % & Tolnaftate 1%
Comply MN 10 Gm Clobetasole Propionate 0.05% w/w + Miconazole Nitrate 2% .+ Neomycin .5% Cream
Comply S 20 gm Clobetasole Propionate 0.05% & Salicylic Acid 6% Ointment
Comply TM 15 Gm Ciprofloxacin + Metronidazole + Terbinafine HCl + Clobetasol Propionate Cream
Drester M 110gm Mometasone Furoate 0.1% w/w, Terbinafine 1.0% w/w
Finuris 10 gm 10 gm Fusidic Acid 2% Cream (DPCO)
Finuris B 10 Gm Fusidic Acid 2% & Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.025% Cream
Fuzrin 10 Gm Fluticasone Propionate .05% w/w
Iptozol C 15 Gm Itraconazole 1% ,Ofloxacin 1%,Ornidazole 2% & Clobestol Propionate .5% Cream
Lyriful (20gm) 20gm Luliconazole 1% cream
Lyriful (30 gm) 30 gm Luliconazole 1% cream
Mudime 5gm 120 Mupirocin 2% w/w Ointment
Ointpov MS 15 Gm Metronidazole + Sucralfate + Povidone Iodine Ointment
Qnclin A 20 gm Clindamycin 1% w/w + Adapalene 0.1% w/w & Gel
QnClin N 15 Gm Clinadmycin 1% + Nicotinamide 4%
SerUzi 20 gm Sertaconazole Nitrate Cream 2.0%
Tracobyte (0.03%) 10 Gm Tacrolimus Cream 0.03% w/w
Uv Shine 30+ 100 gm Sun Screen Lotion SPF 30+
Uv Shine 50+ 100ml With Carton Sun Screen Lotion SPF 50+ (Octinoxate+Avobenzone+Oxybenzone+Octocrylene + Zinc Oxide Lotion)
Welwhite E 15 Gm Kojic Acid 2%, Alpha Arbutin 1.5%, Mulberry Extract 1.5%, Glycolic acid 10%, Vit E 1%, Octinoxate 7.5% (COSMETIC)
Zilzip 30gm Ketoconazole Cream 2% w/w
Zilzip B 20 gm Ketoconazole 2% + Beclamithasone Dipropionate 0.025% Cream
Zippigo 15 Gm Mometasone Furoate 0.1% w/w
Zippigo HT 15 Gm Mometasone Furoate 0.1% w/w, Tretinoin .025% + Hydroquinone 2% Cream

Soap Section

Name Packing Composition
Acnehold 60ml With Carton Anti Acne Face Wash
Iptozol 75 gm Itraconazole Soap
Playrol 75 gm Permethrin 1% w/w Soap
Silkrich 75 gm Moisturizing Soap-Aloe Vera ,Vitamin E & Glycerin
Zilzip 75 gm Ketoconazole 2% Soap

Lotion Section

Name Packing Composition
Calelect A 100ml With Carton Calamine 10%w/v + Aloe Vera 10%w/v + Vitamin E Acetate 0.25%w/v Lotion
Cotbet B 25 ml Clotrimazole 1% + Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.025% Lotion
Lyriful 15 ml Luliconazole 1% Lotion
Playrol A 100ml With Carton Permethrin 5%,Aloevera 0.5% & Allantoin 0.50% w/v Lotion
Zilzip Lotion 100 ml Ketoconazole Cream 2% w/v (LOTION)

Dusting Powder Section

Name Packing Composition
Drester Dusting Powder 75 gm Terbinafine Hydrochloride 1% Dusting Powder Manufacturer & Supplier
Iptozol Dusting Powder Flat Bottle 75 gms Itraconazole 1% w/w Dusting powder Manufacturer & Supplier
Lyriful Dusting Powder 50 gm Luliconazole 1 % w/w dusting Powder Manufacturer & Supplier
Zilzip Dusting Powder 50 gm Ketoconazole Dusting Powder Manufacturer & Supplier

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Derma Medicine Manufacturing Process at QndQ Dermacare

The Indian manufacturing industry is loaded with so many Derma medicine manufacturers. Thus the selection of the best and most suitable company for you has become more critical. But the most important aspect in the selection of a Derma medicine manufacturer is to check the availability of the products that you wanted to deal with. It is always a great idea to check that the product you want to work with is available with the manufacturer or not. This way you can eradicate any chances of confusion and you will get only high-quality products.  Below is the Derma Medicines Manufacturing Process followed at the leading Derma Products Manufacturer in IndiaQndQ Derma

As we are the top brand in the field of Derma Manufacturing, we adhere to a systematic manufacturing process that is listed below.

Finalizing the Order Quality along with Formulations for Derma Medicines – The first and foremost thing is to make a demission regarding the number of medicines that you want to work with and want to get from the derma manufacturer. It does not end here, you also need to finalize the formulations that you want as well. Keep in mind that there is a limit. You need to at least order 300-500 boxes.

Schedule the Order – The second thing after finalizing the quality and formulation is to decide and schedule the order of the medicines for the 3rd party manufacturing.  The process goes this way: you finalize the order > Order Placement > Order Confirmation > Partial Payment. After this, you can make the rest pending payment at the arrival of the consignment.

Product Designing Activities – The third step is to have a look at all the activities related to layout, branding, labeling, color combinations, etc. It is an important step that needs to be undertaken carefully. Look for these things carefully:
  • Inspect the color combinations, box layout along with design on the box.
  • Have a look at the firm logo, contact details such as number, address, email, etc.
  • Double-check the company name on the consignment boxes and products as well.
  • Carefully inspect the manufacturing information, formulations, and branding details.
Shipment of Products – You are good to go after all the above-mentioned steps and after submitting all the necessary documents required for third-party manufacturing in India. Now the entire work will be handled by the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer is done with the manufacturing activities, you will receive a document containing every detail related to the total amount of medicines manufactured, pending balance, etc. At this point you need to settle the dues as only after the full payment, the manufacturer will ship the consignment as decided by both parties.

Stringent Quality Management Procedures Adopted for Derma Products Manufacturing

QndQ Derma is a quality-centric company that has always tried to deliver a safe and quality product. Our product quality and packaging are praised by thousands of our clients and customers as well. Being the top Derma Products Manufacturer in India, we work with the motive to deliver the best quality derma products at low costs to our customers, we have adopted several measures as well. These are:

  • Collaboration with genuine suppliers to draw raw materials.
  • Recruitment of quality inspection team for the supervision of all activities related to quality.
  • Arrangement of certified manufacturing labs.
  • Usage of modern machinery and the latest methods for manufacturing.

Why Choose Us for Third-Party Derma Manufacturing?

Talking about the derma industry, QndQ Derma is the leading Derma Products Manufacturer in India that has earned the praise of everyone through its quality products. The company is wholeheartedly engaged in the business of manufacturing dermatology products and thus, you will always get a new and unique product range from our side. ISO certification, DCGI certified product range, and all other certifications show the authenticity and reliability of QndQ Derma.

Apart from all this, the company provides so many benefits to its clients and customers. Along with a highly demanded and famous derma range, all the clients and customers will get complete quality assurance, best quality packaging, and many other benefits. We keep ourselves updated with the changing marketing trends, demands, etc. All such things are enough to justify why we are called the top Third Party Derma Product Manufacturer in India. This is the prime factor that has played a key role in our success.

Here are the things that make us the Top Third Party Derma Manufacturing:

  • Advanced infrastructural facilities for product development and legal operations.
  • Team of derma experts working in the direction to deliver quality solutions.
  • GMP-WHO-approved labs furnished with hi-tech equipment and updated machinery.
  • Completely sanitized and spacious warehoused to store the products in a germ-free manner.
  • Eye-catchy packaging and labeling for better shelf-life and eradicating any deviation.
Work with the Top Derma Products Manufacturer in India | QndQ Derma

QndQ Derma is a quality-focused company that is more inclined towards delivering quality in all areas of the manufacturing business. We are more customer-centric and working in the Indian market with a positive approach. Our company is backed up by a team of quality auditors and dermatology experts. These people are motivated and working to deliver the best possible outcome in the minimum time period. The company never disappoints its clients and provide several benefits that are listed below:

  1. Year-Round Availability of Stock: QndQ Derma promises year-round availability of stock. We are proficient to meet your big and small orders at any time.
  2. Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance is the biggest positive of QndQ Derma. Utilizing our years of experience and hi-tech machines, we will always deliver you a complete quality assured product range.
  3. Prompt Delivery: For the smooth delivery of products, we have collaborated with the best logistics providers. This will enhance our reach and will allow us to cover all the locations across the country.
  4. Attractive Packaging: The company delivers its products under air-tight packaging that keeps the products safe and makes them look more attractive to the eyes.
  5. Wide Product Range: By choosing us, you will get your hands on high quality and widest range of Derma products that are scientifically researched and clinically tested.

Benefits of Outsourcing Derma Products Manufacturing

Going for third part drama products manufacturing comes with its own perks. Let's see how it is beneficial for the derma companies and how outsourcing the derma manufacturing to someone else works out:

Increase Productivity 

When you outsource the manufacturing of dermatology products is opens up the scope for you to increase productivity. As Derma manufacturing from other companies means taking more orders from the buyer and filling them at the right time. Since the company will not have any in-house derma manufacturing workload, it concentrates on the buys and meeting the requirements. 

Highly Cost-Effective

There is no denial in the fact that outsourcing derma products manufacturing saves lots of money to the derma companies. Companies with in-house manufacturing spend a large chunk of their money on new equipment and on man force. On the other hand, third-party derma manufacturing for dermatology products makes the whole process cost-effective. 

Use of Best Technology for Production of Dermatology Medicine

Top drama Third Party Manufacturing Companies do not stick to single techniques. New and advanced technology is always used to provide quality dermatology medicine which most companies cannot manufacture. They also make sure that the demand can be met at the given deadline. 

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Name: QndQ Derma

Address: Plot No 158, Industrial Area Phase 1, Panchkula, Haryana

Phone:  +91 9501817757

Email: query@drkumarspharma.com.

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