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Calelect ACD

Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion

Brand Name: Calelect ACD

Composition : Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion

Packing : 100 ml

Price : Rs. 245

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Product Description

Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion is related to that class of medications that are known as anti allergens and this combination medication is useful in the treatment of skin allergies like eczema, insect bites, itching on the skin, and, any other skin conditions. Skin allergies are a kind of skin problem in which the skin of patients comes in contact with foreign elements, that are known as allergens, and the patients feel symptoms with skin allergies like itching, blisters, hives, rashes, inflamed skin, dry skin, scaly skin, and burning sensation. This lotion provides relief from skin diseases.

Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion is a combination drug made up of five different solutions named Calamine, Diphenhydramine, Aloe, Glycerine, and Camphor. All the salts have different healing properties. Diphenhydramine has antiallergic properties, blocks the effects of a chemical messenger known as histamine, and provides relief from the symptoms of allergy. Aloe vera is an extract of a plant and it helps the patient by restoring the moisture of the skin, due to this skin feels hydrated and refreshed. Calamine and camphor, have the same healing properties as astringents and work by providing a cooling sensation to the skin of the patient and relief from irritation and burning sensation. Despite that, Glycerin work as a moisturizer for the skin. Overall, all the medical solution ends up the skin infection or allergies.

This lotion is only for external use, so patients should avoid applying the lotion o sensitive parts of the body like the skin, face, vagina, eyes, mouth, and nose. Use this medical lotion on the affected area. If by mistake the lotion gets into the eyes or any other sensitive body part then the immediate patient should wash his hands with clean water then rinse off his eyes or any other part, and if the patient is feeling irritation on the sensitive part then they should take consultancy of professional dermatologist. Some people may face symptoms of side effects with the use of Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion, and these side effects include rashes, redness, burning sensation, difficulty in breathing, and hives. These are expected side effects if these increased with time and get worsen then contact with healthcare.

Patients should use this medicine after the recommendations of professional healthcare. This medication should not use by those patients who are allergic to any one ingredient of  Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion.

Directions Of Use 

 Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion should use by patients or users only with the advice of the doctor. First, the user should read the label or ask the pharmacist about using indications and then clean his hands with soap or hand sanitizer. Take a little amount of the prescribed dose of lotion on the fingertips or a cotton ball and apply the lotion on the skin of patients, and gently rub the skin. Always keep in mind that only use recommended doses of medication. Patients should repeat the process for every dose. For best results and fast recovery use this medical lotion on time and complete the course of medication.

Indications For Storage

 It is good if patients keep the Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion in a cool and dry place away from dark sunlight, children, and pets.  Never freeze or refrigerate the lot. Additionally, store the medication at room temperature.

Special Advice Or Precautions

  • Stop consumption of smoking and alcohol.
  • Avoid foods like white grains and chocolate.
  • Always wash your hands first.
  • Contact your dermatologist if there are no improvements in symptoms of skin allergies
  • Close the lid of the container and air-tightly after every use.
  • For best results use the medical lotion twice a day only with the advice of the doctor.
  • If the user feels a burning sensation or stinging regularly after use then discontinue the use of medication.
  • This medication is not habit-forming.
  • Driving is safe with the use of Calamine+Diphenhydramine+Aloe+Glycerine+Camphor Lotion if prescribed.  
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