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Cobus LG

Gabapentin (6% w/w) + Lidocaine (5% w/w) Gel

Brand Name: Cobus LG

Composition : Gabapentin (6% w/w) + Lidocaine (5% w/w) Gel

Packing : 30 Gm

Price : Rs. 260

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Product Description

Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel is useful in the treatment of neuropathic pain, this is a kind of health condition in which patients feel chronic pain due to chronic progressive nerve disease. The patient feels pain because of damage to the nervous system. Neuropathic pain because of diabetic neuropathy, amputation of limbs, chemotherapy, and alcoholism. 

Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel is a mixture of two different salts named Gabapentin, and Lidocaine. Both salts have their own healing properties. Gabapentin is helpful in the reduction of pain by sticking specific sites on voltage-gated calcium channels. On the other hand, Lidocaine lowers the sensation of pain by stopping the pain signals from nerves to the brain. Overall both salts work together and provide relaxation from severe neuropathic pain. 

Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel is for external use only. Use this gel-based medicine till the prescribed duration with advised doses. The doctor will decide on the dose of medication after analyzing the health condition of the patient. In case of hypersensitivity, many patients feel the common side effects with the use of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel. The symptoms of side effects include itching, irritation, redness, and burning sensation. Common side effects do not need any health treatment but severe side effects need medical treatment so in case of severe side effects the patient should consult with his doctor as soon as possible.

Uses of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel 

a.    Provide relief from severe pain
b.    Absorbed in the skin quickly
c.    Joint pain
d.    Sprains
e.    Strains
f.    Back pain
g.    Give warming sensation
h.    Relaxation from inflammation
i.    Provide relief from fibrositis
j.    Sciatica

Product specification

Brand Name: Cobus LG

Manufacturer: QndQ Derma

 Country of origin: India

Composition: Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel

Packaging Type: Tube

 Packaging Size: 30 gm

 Form of medicine: gel, lotion, ointment

 Type of medicine: pain reliever

 Price: 260                                                                                                                                                     
Usage: to treat neuropathic pain

Precaution for safety

I.    Avoid contact with eyes face, mouth, and other sensitive parts of the body.
II.    Never use Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel on open wound cuts of inflamed skin.
III.    Pregnant and breastfeeding females can use it but after consultancy of their healthcare.
IV.    In case of feeling a burning sensation, or irritation on the skin after application of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel, the patient should contact the doctor and stop the use of medication.
V.    If the patient or the user has any allergic reaction to any of one ingredient of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel should avoid the use of medication. 
VI.    Wash hands before and after the use of medication.
VII.    Don’t wrap the affected area after the application of medication.
VIII.    Patients should avoid the use of heating pads with the use of medication.
IX.    Never skip the dose for fast recovery

Direction for use of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel

Firstly, wash your hands and then read all the indications mentioned on the packaging, and then take a small amount or prescribed dose. Spread the amount of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel on the affected area and gently rub and message with it. Close the tube after application. The user should repeat the process for the next dose. At last, the user should wash his hands with soap after the use of medication.


•    Keep the Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel in a cool and dry place
•    Away from direct sunlight
•    Away from children and pets
•    Close the cap airtight to avoid contact with air


QndQ Derma is the manufacturer and supplier of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel.  This pharma company never advised for using this ointment or gel-based medication without any consultancy from the doctor. Never use this medication below the age group of 2 years, otherwise, the user may feel bad effects with the use of Gabapentin + Lidocaine Gel.



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