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Toskiv 25

Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets

Brand Name: Toskiv 25

Composition : Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets

Packing : Bottle With 100 Tablets

Price : Rs. 145

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Product Description

Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets manufactured by QndQ derma are used in the treatment of hypothyroidism which is also commonly known as an underactive thyroid. The regular use of the tablet makes the production of the thyroid increase when the body is not able to produce the hormone naturally. It is necessary to maintain the levels of thyroid hormone as it helps the heart and the digestive system function better. Thyroxine sodium is a thyroid supplement that becomes necessary for people to consume whose thyroid is not normal. It keeps the levels of the hormone under control. Sometimes during pregnancy, a woman undergoes the symptoms of thyroid or faces a disturbance in the thyroid levels, hence at the time one needs to break the dose but only with the prescription. 

Hypothyroidism is a chronic disease that if once occurs it becomes hard to cure it but it can be controlled with the appropriate use of Thyroxine tablets. The regular use of this medicine under the guidance of a doctor can definitely maintain the levels. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland located on the lower part of the neck loses the strength to produce the thyroid naturally, hence the person then requires the need of a supplement. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones that are composed of triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), which help the body to regulate and use energy. When the production of this hormone is disturbed, there is a decrease in energy in the body, constant fatigue can be noticed by the person.  The early symptoms and the most common one are weight gain and sometimes a person can feel the cold too. A person is advised to consume the tablets on time only as suggested by the doctor.

Symptoms of Thyroid 

One must be aware of the symptoms of the thyroid.

  • There will be a massive weight gain.
  • A person may feel low in energy.
  • Fatigue might be noticed.
  • Constipation can be noticed.
  • Stress levels can be high.

Medicinal Benefits of Thyroxine Tablets

The medicine serves benefits to control the thyroid and maintain its levels.

  • Control the levels of the thyroid.
  • Increases the production of thyroid hormone naturally.
  • Helps people feel more energetic
  • Reduced the symptoms of fatigue.
  • Helps the heart and digestive system work properly.
  • It controls the metabolic rate.
  • Helps the body function properly.
  • It works efficiently with regular use.

Dose Requirement of Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets

The dose requirements of the tablet have to be taken under the guidance of the clinician only. Generally, a dose a day is suggested and that has to be taken only in the morning empty stomach with plain water. Do not add anything to the water nor take the medicine with milk or any juice. The quantity of the same has to be decided by the doctor only. If the thyroid occurs during pregnancy, then also dose has to be consumed with the suggestion of the doctor only.

Precautions for Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets

There are some necessary precautions that one needs to follow while taking the medicine. 

  • Fix the time of the dose.
  • Take the suggested quantity of the dose only.
  • Do not consume alcohol as it may not give the desired results.
  • Try to avoid foods that promote the reduction of the thyroid.
  • If the patient has any disease then inform the doctor about it.
  • Do not give the tablets to a child as it is not for pediatric use.
  • If you develop any allergies, discontinue the use and consult the doctor immediately.
  • Get your blood test done regularly.
  • If you are diabetic then it is advisable to check your blood sugar levels daily.

Side Effects of Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets

There are some side effects too of the drug that can occur with the regular consumption of  the tablet

Common Side Effects 

  • One can feel sick.
  • Nausea can occur.
  • Diarrhea may be caused.
  • Patients may face fatigue.
  • Digestive issues may occur.
  • Loss of appetite can be seen.
  • Muscle cramps.

Serious Side Effects 

  • Allergies may develop.
  • Skin rash might be noticed.
  • Body acne can occur too.

The side effects may vary from person to person and if any serious problem occurs then the consumer is advised to consult the doctor immediately.


Keep the Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets stored in a cool and dry place only.

Note -  Thyroxine 25mcg Tablets are for external use only.


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