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Acyclovir 5 % Cream Manufacturer & Supplier

Brand Name: Subvir

Composition : Acyclovir 5 % Cream Manufacturer & Supplier

Packing : 5 gm

Price : Rs. 60

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Product Description

We are living in a world of micro-organisms because they are everywhere you can find them anywhere one of them is a virus and this microorganism is very different than other microorganisms. Because you cannot kill a virus there are only two conditions either the virus are active or not active this virus for its survival needs a host like a parasite but a parasite dies without its host but they do not but they have a certain cycle in which they can live in the host's body one these viruses are herpes simplex virus (HSV). And this Acylovir 5%cream is very effective against this virus because it can stop the duplication process of the virus which reduces the cycle of the virus.
This cream has Acyclovir as its API and this drug comes under the category of antiviral drug which is called nucleoside analogues. This medication is very helpful in treating Cold sores and Genital herpes. To deal with viruses there are not many drugs available and for treating this particular medical condition, this medication can be very effective.

Mechanisms of Acyclovir 5 % Cream

Acyclovir 5 % Cream basically comes under the category of an antiviral drug and this medicine helps us by attack the on the virus DNA which they required the make its duplicate and the moment it does that it slows the process of multiplication of the virus which generally increases the area of infection and also increasing the cycle of the virus. But the moment the cream attacked on the Virus DNA it was unable to make their duplicate.
In scientific language, if you want to understand the process then it has three main and basic mechanisms. These mechanisms are mentioned below.
  • Inhibition of viral DNA replication
  • Selectivity for virus-infected cells
  • Inhibition of viral replication
In simple words, it first inhibits Viral DNA replication and then this drug chooses the infected cell of the virus because this health virus lacks in certain enzymes which Acyclovir required to carry out its process and the last step is inhibition of virus replication.

Benefits of Acyclovir 5 % Cream

A virus can be very dangerous but maximum viruses are viral-one they have a certain period of time during that time this virus can live in your body but sometimes this during is very long and to reduce this duration if you are infected with herpes simplex virus (HSV) then Acyclovir can be the best option. These are some benefits that you can gain by using this medication.
  1. This medication helps in reducing viral growth by inhibiting the virus's DNA.
  2. This medication helps in providing instant relief from the symptoms caused by HSV.
  3. This medication helps in reducing the viral cycle.
  4. This cream is easy to apply to the infected area.
  5. This is a well-tolerated medication.
  6. This medication is used for treating cold sores.
  7. This medication is also used for treating Genital herpes

Side Effects of Acyclovir 5 % Cream

This medication helps us by stopping the duplication process of the virus and they can do that by inhibiting the virus DAN. This means this medication can also interact with our skin and can cause some side effects.
  1. You can suffer from dry and flaky skin.
  2. You can suffer from mild irritation like rash, itching, and redness.
  3. You can suffer from a burning sensation.
  4. By using this medication you can suffer from some serious allergies like itching, swelling, breathing problem, Dizziness, and severe drowsiness.
  5. This is a very very rare case but you can suffer from these side effects in some rare conditions blistering, peeling, or a severe rash.
Contact at once to your doctor if you as any of the rare side effects or seek medical attention if you are unable to contact your doctor.
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