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Toskiv 75

Thyroxine 75mcg Tablets

Brand Name: Toskiv 75

Composition : Thyroxine 75mcg Tablets

Packing : Bottle With 100 Tablets

Price : Rs. 130

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Product Description

Thyroxine Composition is used in the treatment for the protection of the thyroid. The occurrence of a problem happens when the thyroid gland is unable to produce the desired amount of the hormone thereby creating an imbalance in the body. For this purpose, one undergoes the proper course of the tablets. On a general note, the suggested dose of  Thyroxine Composition Tablsta is one dose empty stomach for each day. But the entire recommendation depends on the doctor only where he may examine the body by the blood test results and further assigns the number of tablets and composition too. 

If it is mostly the women who undergo the issue of Hypothyroidism, during this condition the patient may notice a different variety of symptoms such ads mostly the person feel weight gain and dry mouth. fatigue and rarely anxiety too but as these are of two types, it is thereby not necessary for one may gains weight only, the possibility of weight loss is equally possible. Either the metabolism becomes too slow that causing an extreme level of weakness and restlessness or it can slow the process too fast which results in hoarseness and sickness. Once diagnosed with the condition, it is then considered the important thing to intake the Thyroxine Composition on the regular basis. 

There are some side effects too that may occur with the regular and frequent consumption of  Thyroxine Composition such as dryness in the skin, inflammation, acute pancarditis, and sometimes headache too, hence taking the dose with precautions is recommended by doctors. The instructions such as intake must be on a fixed time to avoid imbalance, and prominently the restricted amount during consumption is something to be taken care of. This is, not a pediatric drug, hence do not provide it to children.

Dose Requirement for Thyroxine Composition

We do not recommend any dose requirements as on the primary note, the drug is for external purposes only, and more importantly, it is the clinician who will look after the dose consumption as per the blood reports only. 

Work of Thyroxine Composition 

The process of the composition may benefit the patient consuming in several ways which helps in enhancing the functions of Hypothyroidism. Below are some of the mentioned outcomes one perceives with the instructed consumption. 

  • Helps in creating balance in the hormone called Thyroxine.
  • Can treat all the variants of the Thyroid namely, level 1, level 2, or the risky borderline level of hypothyroidism.
  • It somewhat helps in the protection of follicular carcinoma that is present in the thyroid gland.
  • During pregnancy, women mostly face issues regarding the disbalance in the criteria of thyroid hormone, thereby most doctors suggested the use of Thyroxine Composition in order to prevent the risk in the pregnancy. 

Side Effects of Thyroxine Composition

Consumption on the regular basis may produce some of the underside outcomes which are noted as,

  • The appearance of dry skin.
  • Fatigue may occur too.
  • One can feel restlessness.
  • Drowsiness can occur too.
  • Headaches can cause.
  • A dry mouth can be noticed.
  • On the very area not, hair fall on the extended level may occur. 
  • Also one can notice the decrease in the amount of white blood cells. 

Precautions with Thyroxine Composition

On a serious note, the medical professional suggests precautions with the consumption. It is thereby a mandatory condition that becomes essential to follow the criteria suggested by the doctor in order to achieve the maximum result in the shortest period of time. 

  • The tables are to be consumed in a limited quantity only.
  • Do not consume food that promotes the thyroid.
  • Even if you forget to intake the tablets, kindly do not overdose on them.
  • During pregnancy, if one faces such an issue, consult the doctor before taking any action toward your health.


The storage of the Thyroxine Composition tablets must be in a cool place only where sunlight cannot reach them. 

Note - Thyroxine Composition is only for serious and external use.

Disclaimer- QndQ Derma does not recommend the usage of any medicine to seek the cure for the Thyroid. Please consult the doctor before taking any risks. 

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