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Uzicort 12

Deflazacort 12 mg Tablets

Brand Name: Uzicort 12

Composition : Deflazacort 12 mg Tablets

Packing : Alu Alu 10X10

Price : Rs. 1400

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Product Description

Deflazacort 12 mg Tablets

Deflazacort Tablet belongs to the corticosteroids class of drugs. It is most commonly known as an asteroid. The Deflazacort 12 mg tablet consists of Deflazacort (known as a steroid). This drug is used in the treatement of many issues such as situations related to asthma, inflammatory conditions, allergies, arthritis, etc. This drug is useful in improving the immunity level and thereby reduce inflammation and allergy reactions. The doctor or medical practitioner will recommend this drug due to its effectiveness and instant results. Especially in the time of high pollution, stress, etc this drug holds huge importance in people life.

Keep in mind to take severe precautions if you are a diabetic patient or have gastrointestinal disorders. It is used in cases of serious allergic reactions, conditions, asthma, cancer, skin issues, eye issues, and rheumatic disorders. It is a powerful drug that enhances the glucocorticoid level inside the human body. The working mechanism of Deflazacort 12 mg Tablets is simple. It works by reducing the inflammation-causing substances and suppresses the immunity to restrict the self-damage cause to the human body by the immune system. In other words, it controls the autoimmune reactions in organ transplants or cancer.

General Instructions for the Deflazacort 12 mg Tablets Usage

This is a strong medicine that provided instant relief and is available at various chemist shops. So it is important to have a look at the major instructions to use this medicine:
  • Take serious precautions if you have any liver, kidney, diabetes, or gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Take the medicines for a certain period of time as recommended by the healthcare expert.
  • Keep the dosage as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking while using the medicine.
  • To avoid stomach upset take it with a meal.
  • Discloser your current medical condition with the doctor before taking this drug.
  • Inform the doctor if this drug affects your mood and upsets your stomach.

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