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Friasis 200

Fluconazole 200 mg. Tablets (DPCO)

Brand Name: Friasis 200

Composition : Fluconazole 200 mg. Tablets (DPCO)

Packing : Blister 30X1

Price : Rs. 629

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Product Description

Fluconazole 200mg Tablets – These tablets comprise of an antifungal medicine Fluconazole that is used in the treatment of a variety of fungal infections of the skin, mouth, throat, lungs, and meninges (three protective membranes protecting the brain & spinal cord). These tablets are available with the brand name Friasis 200, manufactured and delivered by the Best Fluconazole Tablet Manufacturer, QndQ Derma.

Fluconazole belongs to a class of Azole Antifungals. It works by preventing the spread of infection by inhibiting the growth of fungus which resultantly aids in getting relief from the symptoms occurred with the infection. Fluconazole can also be used to prevent the user from getting a candida infection.

General Instructions

Fluconazole 200mg Tablets serves as a combatant against harmful fungal infections. This medication should be taken as per the instructions of the healthcare provider to ensure better and rapid results. Following are some of the general instructions that will assist you in getting the maximum results from these tablets with complete care:

  1. Fluconazole 200mg Tablets can be taken with or without a meal. Even if you feel better after a few doses, keep taking this medicine for the full term as it may raise the chance of re-infection.
  2. Before using this medicine, make sure your doctor is aware of any medical history of kidney or liver-related disorders you may have.
  3. Do not drive, operate machinery, or engage in any other activity after consuming Fluconazole 200mg Tablets that requires attentiveness until you are sure you can do so safely.
  4. It is better to avoid alcoholic beverages during the course of this medication as alcohol contains the capabilities of making you feel extremely dizzy or sleepy while taking these tablets.
  5. Fluconazole 200mg Tablets should only be taken during pregnancy if absolutely necessary. If consumed during the first three months of pregnancy, it may harm the unborn child.

When to Not Take Fluconazole 200mg Tablets?

Fluconazole 200mg Tablets should not be consumed for certain health issues without consulting the doctor. It is because this medicine can trigger the disease and may make it more intense. Watch out for the health conditions in which these tablets should not be taken:

  1. If you have heart disease including heart rhythm issues
  2. If you have uncommon levels of potassium, magnesium, or calcium in the blood
  3. If you have ever developed a severe skin rash or mouth sores after taking Fluconazole.
  4. If you have an allergic reaction to Fluconazole or other azole antifungals.

Side Effects

Fluconazole 200mg Tablets contains some mild and non-serious side effects that do not really harm the patient excessively. Most of the negative effects of this medicine do not necessitate medical attention. However, in case your symptoms worsen or become out of control, you should stop using this medicine and contact your doctor. The following are some of the most prevalent adverse effects of Fluconazole 200mg Tablets:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Stomach Discomfort
  4. Headache
  5. Indigestion


  1. How long does the effect of Fluconazole 200mg Tablets last?

Fluconazole 200mg Tablets might remain in your body for at least 7-8 days.

  1. Can Fluconazole 200mg Tablets be taken while Breastfeeding?

It is safe to take Fluconazole 200mg Tablets while breastfeeding but it is still advised for the breastfeeding women to first consult their doctor before taking this medicine.

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