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Ilcinet 20

Isotretinoin 20 mg. Soft Gelatin Capsules

Brand Name: Ilcinet 20

Composition : Isotretinoin 20 mg. Soft Gelatin Capsules

Packing : Blister 10X10

Price : Rs. 1500

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Product Description


 Isotretinoin 20 mg Soft Gelatin Capsules are the synthetic form of vitamin A that is used to treat complex nodular acne issues that can not be cured by any other treatments including antibiotics. Nodular acne is caused when our skin produces excess oil and sebum. These acnes are generally larger than regular acnes. 

Treat acne with the best quality Isotretinoin 20 mg Soft Gelatin Capsules delivered by QndQ Derma. It is available under the brand name “Ilcinet 20”. Isotretinoin belongs to the class of retinoids. It is helpful in the treatment of severe acne that does not respond to other treatments. This medicine is especially recommended by dermatologists to those patients who have severe acne, or pimples on their faces. The effectiveness of this medicine is what makes it the best medicine for acne treatment.

Disclaimer:-  We do not recommend Isotretinoin 20 mg Soft Gelatin Capsules.

How do Isotretinoin 20 mg Soft Gelatin Capsules Work?

QndQ Derma is a quality-focused company that lays due emphasis on delivering enhanced quality derma products to both its clients and customers. The company possesses the best infrastructure and makes sure to pass its products through a series of lab tests. Thus, you will always get a reliable and quality product from our side.

It belongs to the group of vitamin A derivative (retinoids) that treats acne by lowering the generation of sebum. Sebum is a natural substance that causes acne. It works by directly attacking the bacteria and eliminating spots, acne, and pimples from roots.

Things to Remember While Using Isotretinoin 20 mg Soft Gelatin Capsules

This product is easily available at all chemist shops and pharmacies under the brand name Ilcinet 20. It is one of the most powerful medicines for acne treatment that can cause some side effects such as dry skin, rash, and increased liver enzymes. Therefore, consider the following points for the safe Isotretinoin 20 mg. Soft Gelatin Capsules usage:

  1. For best absorption, take this medicine with food.
  2. Complete the full course and do not skip any dosage in between.
  3. Do not consume alcohol during the course of using this medicine. Alcohol consumption can worsen acne.
  4. Immediately consult your doctor if you face serious liver enzyme issues.

Side Effects of Bacillus Clausii Oral Suspension

Some of the side effects that you might have to suffer after you start using this syrup are mentioned below:-

  • Chapped lips
  • Dryness of skin, eyes, nose or lips

If you feel any of these symptoms getting worse, immediately rush to your nearest doctor.

Drug Interactions for Isotretinoin 20 mg Soft Gelatin Capsules

Avoid consuming this drug with other medicines to avoid any kind of reverse effect on the body. Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to any of the components present in this drug. Some of the drug interactions for these capsules are:-


Lifestyle Advice
Follow these diet and lifestyle tips to recover fast from bacterial infections. Try to maintain a healthy diet by adding food rich in protein, fiber, minerals, carbohydrates, and good fats.

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco that lead to the rise of more bacteria inside your body.
  • Include the intake of dairy products in your diet like cheese, milk, yogurt, and many more.
  • Consume food rich in fiber like whole grains, berries, broccoli, beans, and bananas.
  • Rest well and get enough sleep.

Dosage Instructions
Consume the dose of Isotretinoin 20 mg Soft Gelatin Capsules as required by your doctor. Do not increase or decrease the dose by yourself, consult your physician once if you want to do so as the dosage depends on the medical condition of your health.

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