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Tracobyte (0.03%)

Tacrolimus Cream 0.03% w/w

Brand Name: Tracobyte (0.03%)

Composition : Tacrolimus Cream 0.03% w/w

Packing : 10 Gm

Price : Rs. 99

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Product Description

Tacrolimus Cream 0.03% w/w – It is one of the best Creams that is used to treat, cure, and prevention of organ rejection in transplant patients. This cream is available at QndQ Derma by the brand name “Tracobyte” with full quality assurance. It belongs to the class of immunosuppressant that works by suppressing the human body’s immune response and helps the body to accept the new organs.  In cases of eye issues such as eye allergies, it works by reducing the generation of chemicals that causes allergies in the eyes like inflammation, redness, or swelling.

Things to Remember for Safe Tacrolimus Cream 0.03% w/w

Tracobyte is one of the strongest medicine available in the market. Its powerful properties can cause some side effects such as Diarrhea, Kidney issues, liver damage, abdominal pain, etc. if used carelessly. Therefore, consider the following points:

  1. Use this medicine to prevent organ rejection in transparent patients.
  2. Keep the cycle length as per the doctor’s recommendation.
  3. Continue using this medicine for at least 2-4 months for best results.
  4. Conduct regular blood tests to check blood cells level in blood.
  5. Monitor your kidney and liver function while using this medicine. It is advised to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day for proper kidney function.

Quality and Packing

We at QndQ Derma make sure to pack our products using the best quality raw material. The company makes sure to use air-tight, moisture-free packaging to pack its products. When it comes to quality, we make sure to pass our products through a series of quality tests and microbial testing to make sure they meet global quality and safety standards. Further, we use natural extracts that are systematically sorted and acquired from the country’s best vendors.

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